What is Les Parisiennes?

For the fsixth year in a row, the Parisiennes team organises a new edition of the international sports tournament that is becoming more and more recognized in the European university sports community.

Since September, twenty-seven staff members are working hard to organise this competition, with the same goal in mind, to gather students from all around the world that feel passionate about one common thing : sports. It is also important to us to promote the values conveyed by sports, values such as respect, fraternity and surpassing oneself.

This year we have decided to concentrate on three sports : basketball, volleyball, soccer and rugby. Les Parisiennes have chosen the same infrastructures as the past two years and we want to keep making it benefit more and more athletes, coming from all around the world.

It is through this international openness that les Parisiennes are truly unique. Around sports, we are united and we thrive together.

But that’s not all! We are also planning during the evening opportunities for everyone to meet up, leading up to Saturday night where students from Sciences Po will be invited to join us.

Come and join us on this adventure and enjoy what Les Parisiennes has to offer!

Yours truly,

The Staff