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Sponsoring Les Parisiennes means:

  • Associate your name with the one of Sciences Po
  • Create a unique relationship with more than 600 future graduated students from prestigious universities all around Europe.
  • Increase your reputation by being the partner of a one-of-a-kind event, thus giving a young and dynamic image, and showing your commitment to the values of Sport. This will be also reinforced through the media coverage of the event.
  • Promote your products during 3 days of competition, thanks to a dedicated space, our permanent Village. A booth in the Village will allow you to have a great visibility, as well as a direct and dynamic contact with the students.

The monetised proposals on the document below are not compulsory. We are at your disposal to think together to the best partnership between Les Parisiennes and you, would it be financial or material. For any further information, please contact Candice Jenkins, in charge of the sponsors.

Les Parisiennes Plaquette 2017